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We are lucky to be part of a community that supports Wellspring’s mission to help families tap into their own self-resilience. Sometimes this generosity becomes especially enthusiastic! This can leave our Baby Boutique interns overwhelmed by the number of donations we receive and struggling to keep up with the large volume. We are asking for your help sorting through clothes that have been graciously donated to the Baby Boutique our free store serving families with children ages 0-17 who are experiencing homelessness and poverty providing free children’s items (new and gently-used). This will entail separating items into different sizes and categories so they can easily be mixed into our current inventory. It will be a busy, but really fun day, and you will come away with a ton of knowledge about kids’ clothes and sizes! Your efforts will make sure that there are plenty of options for families to choose from when they come in for a shopping trip.

Individual volunteers can join us anytime between 9 am and 5 pm (Monday through Friday) and help clients find the supplies they need to support their family. Due to COVID-19, with COVID precautions, we are limiting this opportunity to individuals and groups of 4-6.

Wellspring is also looking for 4-6 volunteers to come out and sort clothes (donations) on the 4th Saturday of every month. This request is reoccurring, Monthly. The time is 9:30-11:30 every fourth Saturday of the month, ongoing throughout the year 2020.

  • Population Served : Families, Youth & Young Adults (YYA), LGBTQ+, Communities of Color

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