The University Heights Center for the Community (UHeights) is a place of service and empowerment; their values are devoted and aligned to serve those around them. They serve all within and around the U-District through opportunities of arts and culture, education, civic involvement, sustainability, and the lifelong education of individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. At UHeights, it is their belief that fostering these values in the community and culture of the organization will not only uplift and empower voices but also maintain and/or increase the quality of life through collaborative efforts, resources, and educational opportunities in the U District and Greater Seattle area. 

What is apparent at UHeights is the value of community that drives their mission. Being in the building or outside on site, you cannot help but feel connected to the community around you. Their facility serves as a gathering space for organizations and community members alike – through affordable office space for value-driven organizations and businesses to community events hosted by UHeights as well as partner organizations and individuals.

UHeights recently established the UHeights Safe Lot, a program for those whose primary residence is a vehicle, in partnership with the University Temple and the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle and funding from the City of Seattle. The Safe Lot provides displaced people a safe place to park and sleep while simultaneously receiving case management for housing, employment, and other services. Further details and FAQ about Safe Lot can be found in the following link: https://www.uheightscenter.org/safe-lot.  They have also partnered with Northwest Shares’ free Vegan Free Food Truck and worked with ROOTS and the City of Seattle to create several on-site hygiene stations, including showers, sinks, and restrooms. All services are open to all and are ADA accessible. 

Over 40% of people who experience homelessness in our region reside in their vehicles. Due to the city’s restrictions against immobile vehicles — staying in your car — those folks often are at risk of losing their vehicle if it is inoperable or being subjected to ticketing and harassment. The Safe Lot at UHeights is one of just a few in the region that permit individuals access to a safe space to sleep in their cars, as well as provides them with a kitchenette, restroom, and laundry facilities.

While they are not accepting new volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other Ways to help as an individual include monetary donations and sharing on social media about our services and programs. Ways to help as an organization and/or business is sponsoring and/or donating to UHeights. Follow the link to seek more information about ways to support us https://www.uheightscenter.org/get-involved.

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