T2P2 stands for “Towers of Tampons & Pyramids of Pads.” They are a menstrual-product donation drive to help Seattle’s homeless community, low-income, and student womxn live a little easier once a month. Pads and tampons are needed once a month but they are often hard to come by and expensive for people experiencing homelessness, low income folks, and students. People often don’t often think to donate these items but they are some of the most needed products for womxn. T2P2 hosts donation drives for pads and tampons and builds ‘Period Packs’ that are waterproof, compact and include supplies for a monthly flow for easy distribution.

The Tampon Issue is a real struggle for a lot of women. Tampons and pads are considered a “luxury” item, so not only are they taxed as such, they are not eligible to purchase on government assistant programs like food stamps. If you’re a woman living on the streets, in a shelter, or in transitional housing, it is often very challenging to spend $7.00 on a box of tampons. So what’s the alternative? Watch this video from Bustle which explains exactly why we do what we do! Until menstrual products are free and readily available for everyone, T2P2 will distribute Period Packs to Seattle’s homeless and underprivileged women so that we can Help Women Period!

T2P2 operates through partnerships with organizations and businesses to build and distribute their Tower of Tampons & Pyramids of Pads. Physical drives are being hosted continuously at different locations around Seattle, including small businesses, retail locations, and schools. Their donation drives range in size and scope – from a ‘Stuff the Trunk’ event at Green Lake Park to a ‘Drop & Drink’ at the Stepping Stone. All of these events bring the community together to join forces with their colleagues and friends to support our womxn neighbors experiencing homelessness. Many of their donors and partners have even gone as far as to add a donation drive box to their retail location or asked friends to bring a box of tampons or pads to their private get togethers. Timing is up to the individual or business hosting the event. Most drives are hosted for two weeks. After the two weeks, they will coordinate a pick up or drop off of donations. And it’s super easy to host a T2P2 donation drive at your school or business. Simply send out emails, hang up posters and promote on social media platforms to reach your audience with an appropriate message. 

“Friends of T2P2 rallied for August back-to-school supply donations. You came to drives, dropped at our homes, met in parking lots; over the month, over 11,000 products were collected! To get these to students, T2P2 friends spent their quarantine and socially distance created period packs. In parks, in home-offices, on patios, binge watching… total 430 kits. That’s 430 menstruators having safer months. These kits are already distributed.

Right now, Seattle Public Schools specifically asked for help.  COVID continues to wreak havoc everywhere.  Students and families receive various assistance through the schools and will be able to pick up menstrual products and period kits through the school nurses. 

Periods don’t stop for pandemics.  Like schools and businesses, we took a pause to reorganize our personal lives and rethink our T2P2 outreach.  We’ve been creative and flexible, making new friends and strengthening bonds.”

Together, we are #helpingwomxnperiod.

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We always need more product so if you are interested in hosting a drive at your home or business, email Kate@SeattleT2P2.org or Amanda@SeattleT2P2.org.

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