Facing Homelessness

Who we are: 

When we were founded in 2013, Facing Homelessness asked the community to lean into vulnerability and create caring human connections, literally, to Just Say Hello to people living unhoused. Thousands of you said, “yes,” and now we’re over 50,000 strong. Today, we imagine and create solutions based on the same values that have always driven us – compassion, empathy, and inviting community to step forward to create long-term changes that end homelessness.

Our Programs: 

Currently, we offer three key programs that support hundreds of people experiencing homelessness and create entry points for the community to come closer, experience empathy and relationship, and become a part of a loving movement: 

  • The BLOCK Project builds permanent and environmentally sustainable homes for people experiencing homelessness in residential backyards throughout the city of Seattle. 
  • Window of Kindness is located in Seattle’s University District and provides a physical place for individuals to access survival items such as food, clothing, sleeping bags, tents, and tarps, connect with community members, and build trusting, life-long relationships. The Window is open T-Th from 3-5 pm. 
  • Photos + Stories. Staff and community volunteers work to deconstruct barriers and negative stereotypes of homelessness by sharing the photos and stories, with consent, of individuals experiencing homelessness to over 52,000 followers on social media. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive regular monthly updates from our community.

The homeless crisis has grown during this year of layered challenges from the nation-wide call for racial equity to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, many of us are experiencing the isolation, separation, loneliness, and distance from love and connection that our unsheltered neighbors navigate every single day. This understanding has helped us feel the immediacy of needing each other—of needing connection—more than ever before. The closer we come, the more we feel. The more we feel, the more we are inspired to act. Where homelessness is concerned, it’s time to act. We imagine a world where no one suffers on the street. Your support gets us closer to that reality.

Imagine if:

  • Everyone were seen
  • Everyone belonged
  • Everyone was greeted with a smile
  • Someone was there for you
  • Everyone worked together
  • Everyone had a place to lay their head
  • No one was isolated
  • You could end homelessness (for one person)
  • You were the solution

We are seeing more people utilize our services than ever before. At the Window of Kindness our visits have increased from 10-15 per day pre-Covid to 25-30 per day since March. Our visitors frequently tell us how the resources available to them have dwindled and that we are one of the few places they still access. 

How you can help: We will have volunteer opportunities available once COVID-19 slows down. Until then, you can support our work, and those we serve through the following:

  • End of Year Fundraiser (December 1-8): December 1, Giving Tuesday, Facing Homelessness kicks off our End of Year Fundraising Campaign! We would love your support. 
  • Just Say Hello – Everyday each of us has the opportunity to disrupt isolation and the first step is to just say hello. Carrying socks, gift cards, or snacks in your bag or car to hand out if you meet someone in need can make a huge difference in someone’s day. We all need connection. 
  • Supply Drive – Our Window of Kindness is always in need of donations to help people stay warm and dry. Most needed items include: tents, tarps, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, rain jackets and socks. 

Through this work, we are all disrupting isolation for those we serve and for ourselves. We hope you will join us!

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