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Immanuel Community Services (ICS) is a small non-profit in the South Lake Union Neighborhood in Seattle. We have served the community for over 40 years, providing assistance to individuals in the Cascade Neighborhood and greater Seattle area. Each year, we serve over 15,000 people through four programs, all with only 3.5 full time employees. 

Our mission is to alleviate the effects of poverty, hunger, homelessness, and addiction by providing community-based social services to those in need. We do this through our four programs: 

Food Bank: With no requirements or restrictions, our Food Bank serves approximately 500 households per month by providing fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, pasta, and other food staples every Monday throughout the year.

Recovery Program Shelter: Provides a safe, supportive, clean and sober shelter to 15 homeless men participating in intensive outpatient treatment working to overcome addiction to drugs/alcohol while reconnecting with their families and rebuilding their lives.

Hygiene Center: Offers showers, laundry services, a hot meal, supportive services and respite from the outside elements, weekdays to people experiencing homelessness.

Community Lunch: Serves 1,500 free nutritious meals each year to anyone in need of a hot meal or friendly conversation.

Through all our programs, we strive to build relationships and be a place where people can become connected and involved. We work together, side-by-side, to maintain dignity, rekindle hope and create a community of belonging.

Success Story:

Darryl* is a resident in our Recovery Program Shelter. He has been staying with us since July 2020. 

He grew up in a household where drinking and drugs were part of daily life.  His mom first introduced him to marijuana as a young child which led to him starting to drink at age 13. He dropped out of school at 14, falling deeper into his addiction and using harder substances. Eventually, he ended up homeless, spending his nights wandering the streets, staying high, trying to stay warm. 

Last summer, he hit rock bottom and lost hope.  He didn’t think he was going to make it. He found himself in the hospital and he finally decided he needed help. He enrolled in outpatient treatment and found his way to Immanuel Community Services (ICS).

“If I weren’t at ICS, it would have been bad. I would probably be in jail or dead. ICS is a peace of mind.  It is somewhere safe for me so I can work on my recovery and my mental health.” At ICS, he doesn’t have to worry about where he will sleep tonight or where his next meal will come from.  Now, he only has to worry about focusing all of his energy on his recovery. “I’ve got walls and a bed. I’m not struggling or hustling on the streets.  I can sit down, work on my program and do what I’m supposed to do to stay sober.” 

Darryl now has six months sober for the first time in his life and is getting ready to move into his own apartment in a few weeks!  He is working on his mental health, looking forward to the future and is rebuilding his relationships with his family. He is extremely grateful for another chance and now understands how important it is to be surrounded by others who are clean & sober in order to conquer his addiction.  He is doing the hardest work he has ever done in his life.

*name changed for privacy

Get involved

We are always accepting new volunteers! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are the most needed days for volunteers. The tasks involved are support for our Food Bank operations. For more info contact Click HERE for more information on volunteering!

We are also looking for skilled volunteers! If you are a graphic designer, tech savvy or have any experience with web design and have a few hours to volunteer, please contact us. 

View our amazon wish list! To drop off items, contact us and set up a time. Otherwise, feel free to order items online and have them sent directly to ICS at 1215 Thomas Street, Seattle, WA 98109. 

Contact info:

1215 Thomas Street, Seattle, 98109


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