North Helpline is driven by a belief that all people deserve adequate food, housing, and respect. They assist their neighbors in obtaining basic needs that affirm their human dignity and worth. During the more than 30 years North Helpline has served the greater North Seattle area, and has grown and adjusted to meet changing needs. Over the years their community partners, donors, and volunteers have worked tirelessly to make sure our neighbors have food on the table and a roof overhead. Founded in 1989 by a group of women that were pillars to the community, the folks at North Helpline began by helping clients stay in their homes and keep the lights on by providing financial assistance and referrals.  In 2001 the Food Bank was added, and in 2010 they moved locations in Lake City to a brand new facility. In 2017, North Helpline took over operations of its second food bank in Bitter Lake.  The North Helpline of today remains volunteer-driven.


North Helpline is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring our neighbors have food on their tables and a roof overhead. They do this through four areas of work: their food banks, homelessness prevention programs, client services programs, and their clinic space. North Helpline has two food bank locations: Lake City and Bitter Lake. In each location, neighbors can come to distribution and select food from a variety of healthy, fresh, and shelf-stable items. Their Homelessness Prevention program helps 65 families each month stay in their homes by providing financial assistance. And their Client Services program is focused on removing barriers to service and connecting our neighbors to hygiene and baby supplies, and the services and support that they seek. 


The heartbeat of North Helpline is their volunteers, who donate their time everyday to ensure that folks in the community are given the support they need to meet their basic needs. To sign up for volunteering, please email our volunteer manager, Lara, directly: She will get in touch with you as soon as possible to get you matched with a volunteer shift. 


This week, North Helpline is hosting their 12th Annual Community Meal, a 5-day virtual event happening from March 28th – April 1st. Visit this link to sign up to participate: Registrants will have the opportunity to participate in the community meal virtually this year by purchasing a bowl created by local artists and receiving soup to prepare at home. You will also have the chance to bid on our amazing auction items. 

For those of you who live in the North End especially, this is an amazing organization founded on the principles of community-building that you should consider supporting today!  To learn more about North Helpline, visit their website: And be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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