Grassroot Projects is a small grassroots organization based out of both the Greater Seattle and Indianapolis areas. Led by Nimisha Goyal in Seattle and a dedicated team of local volunteers, Grassroot empowers underprivileged and immigrant children in the community and supports families experiencing homelessness. The projects that they offer focus on funding and/or providing resources and guidance for their overall health, nutritional needs, educational needs and cultural competence that will assist them with successful integration into the community. For immigrant, refugee, and undocumented families in the U.S., parents are most concerned with meeting their children’s needs for food and clothing. Children are affected the most as they learn to live away from the place they called home.


Grassroot Projects aims to empower under-resourced children of immigrant/refugee/undocumented families by providing resources and guidance to help them integrate successfully within the community. Their motto is “Small Projects, Big Dreams.” Projects fund or directly provide resources for the children’s health, nutrition, clothing, education, and cultural needs. Their focus is to decrease barriers and provide assistance to families while protecting their dignity. They are a no-ask organization and deliver customized care packages that are culturally sensitive to the doorstep to help families overcome barriers to access. They also believe that kids should be able to enjoy their childhoods. Hence they have the “sponsor a passion” program, which funds extracurricular activities for children.


Nimisha and her team of dedicated volunteers partner with several local grassroots organizations to deliver resources to low-income refugees and those who are experiencing homelessness. One of their primary programs in the creation of custom care packages that are tailored to families’ basic needs, whether they’ve recently arrived or have been here for years. These packages, consisting of basic needs like diapers, wipes, clothes, and more, provide a foundation for their life in the U.S. Refugees living in the United States often face extreme difficulties accessing employment opportunities or social services, so the care packages provided not only support the parents who often struggle in the transition to living in a new country, but bring a smile to their children.


What sets Grassroot Projects apart from others in the space is: 1) the customization of their care packages to include exactly what each family needs, 2) that they continue to be a low barrier, no questions asked organization, and 3) that they deliver to the doorstep to cut across barriers to access for these families. Some of their programs include: custom care packages, culturally sensitive groceries and grocery cards, laptops for kids to meet reduce digital inequity, and more.


Grassroot also supports the children of refugee families by hosting a ‘Back to School Drive’ which includes backpacks filled with school essentials for refugee and children experiencing homelessness. They have worked with the Everett Gospel Mission, Sacred Heart Shelter Seattle, Salt House Kirkland, Mary’s Place Seattle, and REACH Center for Hope in Renton to achieve this, helping hundreds of kids start a new school year confidently with the supplies they need. Other organizations that they have partnered with include: Wellspring Family Services, Eastside Baby Corner, Kids Without Borders, WAISN, TURKCHA, Babies of Homelessness, Afghan Health Initiative, REACH, 211 crisis connections, and more.


Grassroot Projects is based in Sammamish, Washington, but provides services to low-income refugees and families experiencing homelessness all over the region. They could not do the work that they do without the support of amazing community volunteers who support them in securing donations and creating and delivering care packages. If you are interested in supporting refugee and homeless families in our region, please follow the link to sign up to volunteer:


To donate to Grassroot Projects:




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