Join us on Tuesday, November 24th for our November Town Hall presented by the folks at the One Health Clinic. Here, we will learn about the interdependence of human and animal health, understand how healthy animal companionship is life-giving and life-saving for our unhoused neighbors, and learn how the displacement our unhoused neighbors have experienced and the environment in which they live affects their well-being and that of their animal.

This is an opportunity for us to build connections across barriers, to realize the profound impact that our animal companions have on all of us, regardless of our housing status. We will go deep into a facet of homelessness that is often overlooked and challenge ourselves to think more critically about how physical, mental, and emotional health is a focal point in discussing homelessness.

Join us, to learn more about the effects of displacement on the health and well-being of both human and the animal companion and to learn how YOU can get involved and make a difference.

About One Health Clinic:

The One Health Clinic began in 2018 as a project to coordinate the integration of human and veterinary health care. Integrated healthcare is an approach that believes that the health of the human, the animal, and the environment are all interdependent – that you cannot affect change in one without affecting the others – and that human health is directly correlated with the health and well-being of the animal and the environment. Noting an increase in the number of youth experiencing homelessness and displacement in the U-District and the prevalence of animal companions, the project sought out to discover how we could promote healthier changes and accessing healthcare services by taking an integrated, holistic approach that considers the environment (homelessness/displacement) and the animal. The One Health Clinic was formed as a space where human and animal healthcare are integrated.


Nov 24 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am
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