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Elizabeth Gregory Home’s mission is to provide a welcoming and respectful refuge where homeless and at-risk women have access to compassionate care. Established in 2001 by University Lutheran Church to meet the essential needs of some of the University District’s most vulnerable unhoused neighbors, our organization was named after a very special ULC member, Elizabeth Gregory, who dedicated her life to meeting the needs of underserved women.  Today, guided by the vision that women experiencing homelessness have the power to transform their lives, we at Elizabeth Gregory Home strive to identify and address each woman’s unique needs.  

Elizabeth Gregory Home Day Center

Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Day Center is open Sunday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  We endeavor to meet the essential needs of homeless women by giving them access to fully stocked showers; hot and well-balanced breakfasts and lunches; computers for checking email, applying for jobs, and recreational use; laundry facilities; a sleeping room for resting during the day; and an open space with tables for use by those who just need a peaceful place to be during the day.  We have a phone available for client use and a mailing address that often serves as a lifeline for those without a home address. 

We also have a food pantry, generously stocked with the donations we receive from Food Lifeline.  The food pantry is also available to those seeking food-to-go for after-hours consumption.  With the support of our very generous donors, we are able to provide emergency clothing as needed and have a regularly scheduled clothing give-away where we provide the women we serve with an opportunity to choose seasonally appropriate clothing.  Although we have had to adjust the manner in which we offer services, we are grateful to have had no disruptions in operations since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Clients regularly report that having access to nutritious, comforting and delicious meals at EGH is core to relating to our Day Center as “home”. Last year, despite the pandemic, nearly 26,000 meals were served. What’s even more remarkable is that all prepared onsite were created using our small kitchen’s residential grade appliances: one four-burner stove and a dishwasher that can only be used to disinfect dishes after all are washed by hand. Besides the fact that they frequently break down, requiring costly repairs, and they are definitely inadequate for food preparation job training. 

Thus, EGH has been planning for the construction of a new commercial kitchen with adjacent dining space since late 2018. This remodeling project will feature a large dining space for group meals, and provide a new kitchen with commercial appliances that safely enable clients to work side by side with staff on planning and preparing group meals, gain work experience handling food, earn community service hours, and engage with others through sharing food. Thanks to the generous pro bono investment of expertise by our treasured community partners Adams Architecture, and the guidance by Jon Zimmerman, President of Gourmondo, Mark Larson, contractor, and Charlie Spaeth, dedicated volunteer, we are finally ready to commence construction! Due to the virus, the start date has been a moving target, but our hope is to begin in June. For updates, please check our website: www.eghseattle.org

Elizabeth Gregory Home Transitional Housing Program

Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Transitional Housing Program (THP) is located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of North Seattle.  The THP offers eight women housing for up to two years.  Each resident receives individualized care management to support her self-identified goals.  Elizabeth Gregory Home believes that by giving women their own space in a safe and supportive community environment, they can build the skills necessary to break the cycle of homelessness.

Donating and Volunteering

Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH) is only able to serve so many women in need thanks to the assistance of our neighbors’ generous donations of goods and time.  We rely on volunteers to pick up and deliver our Food Lifeline donations, sort clothing donations, provide occasional catered meals, perform administrative tasks, and assist with delivering services in our kitchen.  At EGH, our goal is to utilize someone’s skills and talents in a way that truly benefits our clients, while at the same time providing a meaningful experience for each volunteer.  The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to temporarily refrain from having volunteers in the Day Center, but we look forward to a day in the near future, when we can invite them back. 

To the support women experiencing homelessness, so that they have a safe and warm place to rest during the day and receive access to life-saving services, please consider signing up to be a one-time or monthly donor: https://eghseattle.org/donate/.

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