Abundance Of Hope

Abundance of Hope Center’s (AofH) mission is to provide equitable, culturally responsive, holistic and person centered homelessness prevention services to our community’s most At-Risk Youth, ages 12-26. Abundance of Hope Center is a family lead organization, founded by a Black mother and operated by African American, queer and disabled women.  

AofH programming is community led by folks with lived experience informing research to create holistic programming that considers a participants mental, emotional and physical wellness. AofH is currently fundraising for the 3rd round of their Covid-19 Community Needs Response program that offers eligible families and individuals up to $2,000 financial assistance for rent, utilities and other essential bills, as well as hygiene items and educational supplies. Through the support of partners and community members, AofH has served 65 families (over 220 individuals) through their Covid-19 Community Needs Response program since March 2020. Education workshops and healing circles through AofH Inhale program provide space for continued community analysis and processing. The launch of Hope Shop Thrift Boutique, an online shopping experience for At Risk Youth, brings fashionable, quality and seasonal clothing free of charge. Participants will fill out a voucher form and their items arrive contact free to their doorstep.

How can someone get involved to support your organization?

AofH is all about community. The work they do in our community is informed with an urgency and respect for history. AofH moves with the understanding that actual lives are on the line when it comes to homelessness, unemployment, incarceration and other systems of oppression and inequality. Getting involved with their organization will bring you deeper in connection with yourself by immersing you into a beautiful sense of community empowerment and connectedness. You see what is possible when folks organize for the people they truly care for.

Volunteering If you are interested in volunteering, you are encouraged to fill out a volunteer application from their website and subscribe to their newsletter to receive emails about volunteering opportunities.

Check out their organizational needs. They are currently fundraising for a new outreach vehicle and seeking assistance in obtaining items to be auctioned at an upcoming fundraiser.

DONATE: Lastly, please consider a monthly donation to this wonderful organization. They are grassroots and from the community in which they serve. Donating regularly to their mission is an antiracist and equitable ACTION that you can take to support a group of women who are making a huge impact in their community.

Follow their work on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbundanceOfHopeCenter/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abundanceofhope/

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