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The Resolution to End Homelessness was founded in 2018 to support the amazing work being done by varied organizations in Seattle to serve those experiencing homelessness. There is a crisis of homelessness in the Pacific Northwest. The causes are diverse, as are the people it affects, and therefore this crisis requires diverse solutions.

We serve as a hub for dynamic people in our community already working to end homelessness, and those just wondering how to get involved or be supportive. We encourage you to check out our partner page to see the many organizations we want to boost, from shelters to food banks to community works projects. See the list here.

Board of Directors

Kyle Bergquist – Founder and Board President

Email: Kyle @ r2endhomelessness.org

Melissa Opland – Treasurer
Ryan Todd – Secretary

Email: rtodd @ primeres.com

R2EH Contact

Dana Armstrong – Executive Director

Email: Dana @ r2endhomelessness.org


We seek to create a platform for the community and the organizations involved with homelessness to come together; a platform which increases visibility for the community to learn what’s being done to address homelessness, and a platform which lowers the barriers for the community to get involved.  Ultimately, we’re building connections between the community and organizations serving people who are homeless here in Puget Sound, which will help solve homelessness faster.


We strive to support the organizations that are on the frontlines of solving the homelessness crisis in as many ways as possible. We aim to continue educating the community about what is being done to address homelessness and we seek to create many and varied opportunities for the community to show up, be present, be involved with, and support those efforts.  We envision R2EH to be the bridge that brings together the community and the organizations to solve homelessness in the Puget Sound area.


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